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  2. LukeN

    Altis - Dusk Patrol

    GIVEAWAY EVENT Take part to be entered for a chance to win one of two copies of the new Arma 3 Contact DLC, OR a Steam Gift Card.
  3. Thanks @Patrick O'Donnel for your submission. All, Please note, in addition to the Arma3Sync REPO, this mod is a special entry and uses the following to which you will need to subscribe to: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=943001311 If you're not sure how to add workshop mods to your Arma3Sync, follow the below tutorial: Details of the event can be found here:
  4. Gooooooooood Morning Vietnaaaaaam Welcome to the wacky, wacky peninsula that is Vietnam, where the sun never stops shining! As tensions are boiling between the North and the South, the Americans struggle with the initial push from the Communist Vietnamese using guerrilla warfare tactics, you mission is to live longer than the commies and do Uncle Sam proud ***---------------------------------IMPORTANT YOU WILL NEED THIS MOD -----------------------------*** https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311&searchtext=UNSUNG ***---------------------------------IMPORTANT YOU WILL NEED THIS MOD ---------------------------------***
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  6. Quite a few people have been asking how to add additional mods whether they be from the workshop or local, and I feel like a written explanation may help. If you can't see your mods make sure the Addon Options tab has the correct file location. As per the above, head to the addon tab Right click the white space on the right Click Add Group, name it whatever you want Drag and drop the extra mods from the left to the right Tick the ones you want and then start game
  7. Welcome to the Forums!

    1. ZippierJuggler


      Thanks man! Appreciated

    2. LukeN


      No problem! Great to have you here. Are you planning to take part in any of this weekends events?

    3. ZippierJuggler
  8. You are an elite Kurdish Fighter, tasked with escorting human aid to the trapped civilian population deep behind enemy lines. You need your wits about you, and a reliable weapon.
  9. My first shot at cinematography/movie style content in arma, looks alright
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  11. Welcome to the Forums! 

  12. Thanks for checking in on whats allowed in the Mod Suggestions discussion thread. Please use this forum to recommend some of your favourite mods you'd like to see included in ArmaMilsims Arma3Sync repository. We will then either Approve or Reject the mod after a brief discussion with you. The more detail you provide about the mod the better - please also include the file size and a link to the mod on the Steam Workshop if applicable.
  13. Accepted - This is a good substitute for hosts who don't have the ability to access MCC since it has been removed. This will be added to the repository on the 26th May.
  14. Denied - This is not being added to the main mod pack due to its size. However, missions which wish to utilise this mod will still be welcome as a hosted event on ArmaMilsims.
  15. @Santo How big is the mod file?
  16. LukeN

    Project OpFor

    Accepted - This mod will be included as of Sunday 26th May via our Repository.
  17. Alfred

    Project OpFor

    UN forces included, I'm in 👍
  18. LukeN

    Project OpFor

    Looks real hot bro 👽
  19. Santo

    Project OpFor

    Right now we have very few factions to play as or against, project OpFor would change that. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735566597&searchtext=project+RACS
  20. Welcome the the Forums!

  21. Welcome to the Forums!

  22. This Friday and Saturday will feature two missions. Fridays is a follow up of last weeks successful 'Winter is Coming' mission: Saturdays is a mission hosted by @Alfred
  23. After successfully extracting Greg's body and eliminating the man who killed him, you and your team have returned to the British held town located in the South-East of Chernarus. Trouble is brewing from the North, legions of Russian Armour are moving swiftly southwards in retaliation of the recent embarrassment their forces faced, it's your job to defend the British held south-east, your squad is tasked with leading the defence.
  24. An allied F-22 recently had to perform an emergency landing on Malden during an exercise mission close the island. We have since lost contact with the aircraft and pilot but intel tells us they got captured by the Russian forces controlling the island. The aircrafts complex systems are highly classified and the Russians cannot be allowed to analyze or examine this aircraft or its systems any more than what they already have. Your mission is therefore: Destroy or recover the captured F-22 and extract or silence the pilot as he possesses classified information regarding the aircraft.
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