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  3. This Friday and Saturday will feature two missions. Fridays is a follow up of last weeks successful 'Winter is Coming' mission: Saturdays is a mission hosted by @Alfred
  4. After successfully extracting Greg's body and eliminating the man who killed him, you and your team have returned to the British held town located in the South-East of Chernarus. Trouble is brewing from the North, legions of Russian Armour are moving swiftly southwards in retaliation of the recent embarrassment their forces faced, it's your job to defend the British held south-east, your squad is tasked with leading the defence.
  5. An allied F-22 recently had to perform an emergency landing on Malden during an exercise mission close the island. We have since lost contact with the aircraft and pilot but intel tells us they got captured by the Russian forces controlling the island. The aircrafts complex systems are highly classified and the Russians cannot be allowed to analyze or examine this aircraft or its systems any more than what they already have. Your mission is therefore: Destroy or recover the captured F-22 and extract or silence the pilot as he possesses classified information regarding the aircraft.
  6. Last week
  7. I think you've slightly misunderstood what this is. watch the video and you'll get a gist of what i feel is the main feature
  8. -1 sounds like a control freak and extra setup time before a milsim can actually start
  9. Next mission will likely be Friday, but I may slide one in on Monday ;)
  10. Welcome to the Forums

  11. Sound good, id be up for getting this
  12. I'd be up for this being added, however I also believe we should do a clean up of our current pack first
  13. Commanders tab, allows certain chosen individuals to have access to a small tablet that gives them various amounts of information: Blue Force Tracking (Players marked on map), Placing of markers (Medical, general, enemy Etc.), helmet cam with live feed to tablets, Tactical Display for air vehicles & much more. Mod Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871504836&searchtext=Ctab
  14. until

    Will be Absent 23rd May, have a personal event, Lead NCO's will be Alfred and Wolfzy
  15. @Parceval FTP server did a Windows update, please try now.
  16. @LukeN This is your area of expertise
  17. LukeN

    Welcome to the Forums!

  18. LukeN

    Arma Milsims Training


    I'll be there! Thanks for getting this arranged gents.
  19. A new page has been created on the website detailing ArmaMilsims new Rank Structure. This is applied to the teamspeak server with possible plans of bringing it over to the website in the future. These ranks will deem the structure in which missions are conducted, and who reports to who. https://www.armamilsims.com/our-rank-structure/
  20. Hello! As per the title the Arma3Sync repository has changed home, we noticed when users were downloading files it was having more of an effect on our collection of game servers than we had liked. I have spooled up an Ubuntu instance with improved network speeds and a wider bandwidth to be a dedicated host of the repo. The repository link has not changed, and the instillation instructions page has been updated with some extra info that was missing before. Thanks for reading!
  21. Welcome to the Forums!

  22. This is something we can definitely consider in the future - the only down side being the fact the mod is HUGE - we'd have to set up something custom for when the week comes for this to be hosted / ran. Get a mission together first and contact me!
  23. Hey Jack - Santo has raised the premise of Application Forms to me already, I'm going to likely get them added and use them for what you ask about, plus ban appeals / reports where applicable. Thanks! Edit - https://www.armamilsims.com/application/form/1-moderator-application/
  24. Santo

    Arma Milsims Training

    Thursdays between 7 & 8 pm are scheduled times for training to take place, this training will be available every week, unless stated otherwise, by our training team. Please respond as going if you wish to attend, should you turn up without responding it is a 50/50 chance whether the training will take place.
  25. Is there an application process to become a Moderator or Admin?
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