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Our Servers and how to Join them

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The community server is modded hence you will need to download the mods we use through the Steam Workshop, Arma3Sync or Swifty. We also take advantage of Task Force Radio so an instillation of Teamspeak 3 along with the TFR plugin is required. If you require any help installing these please follow the instructions below.


How do I install the mods via the available methods & Install Task Force Radio?

I have created a step by step guide, here: https://www.armamilsims.com/join/

NOTE - If you decide to install via Steam, you will need to download TFAR for Teamspeak  https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/releases/download/1.0-PreRelease/1.-1.0.318.zip UNZIP the file, go in it and run @TFAR\teamspeak\task_force_radio.ts3_plugin


Once the above are installed/done - go ahead and connect to one of our servers:

  • TRAINING SERVER - Open 24/7 with ZEUS Slots - TRAINING.ArmaMilsims.com (PORT 2302)
  • EVENT SERVER - Open only during scheduled Calendar Events - EVENTS.ArmaMilsims.com (PORT 3302)
  • ANTISTASI SERVER - Open 24/7 for Public use - ANTI.ArmaMilsims.com (PORT 4302) - Please be in TS whilst playing


Still having trouble joining our Server?

Make sure you have followed the above instructions correctly, if you're facing further issues do not hesitate to raise a question in our Questions & Answers forum or head over to our TS3 (ts.armamilsims.com) and join the 'Requesting Help' room!

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