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Global Mobilisation Cold War port

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Downside to this would be that it needs RHSGREF and the Cold War DLC, however for the size of the pack and the content it offers it is phenomenal, makes the DLC worth getting and opens up missions to tonnes of new scenarios. 


Cold Conflict


This mod seeks to reimagine elements of the classic Cold War Crisis in ARMA 3. 


This mod utilises existing content already within the Global Mobilisation mod and high quality content already within Red Hammer Studios mods. This mod seeks to eventually provide both full Soviet and US factions, compatible with both the Global Mobilisation DLC and the popular RHS series of mods, which are as in keeping with the theme of the original Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis as possible. This will expand mission creation potential using the Global Mobilisation DLC, and offer different factions other than East and West Germany to use in your Cold War scenarios.


Requires the Global Mobilisation DLC, RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, and RHSUSF mods.



Bohemia Interactive

The Red Hammer Studios Team



v.1.1.1 Content

Soviet Army

- Motor-Rifle Troops

- Scouts

- T-55A, T-72B, T-72BV

- BMP-1/2, BTR-60/70/80, BRDM-2

- 2S3, BM-21, D-30, 2B14, Static Weapons

- UAZs, Urals, PTS


Soviet Army Aviation

- Mi-24, Mi-8


Soviet Airforce

- MIG-29S

- SU-25


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Accepted -

However will not be added to the main mod pack instead will be added as a standalone mod as and when its needed as it requires a DLC to use

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@Santo I plan to utilise assets from this pack on August 2nd,ill talk to you tomorrow about it 

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