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Infantry troops are set to benefit from a new body armour system which will increase agility and make it easier to carry heavy kit.

The new Virtus system uses the latest materials and offers the same protection as Osprey body armour but is significantly lighter, moves with the body more easily and produces a slimmer profile. The amount of protection employed can be scaled up or down to match the type of threat by adding or removing soft armour pads and hard ballistic plates. 

One of the most radical innovations is an integral 'spine' - the 'dynamic weight distribution' system. The device is linked to the user’s waist belt and helps spread the load of the body armour, a Bergen or daysack across the back, shoulders and hips. - Source British Army

This new system has been modded into Arma 3 and would provide a more up date view on the British Army do date, it also works hand in hand with our current 3CB gear, it comes with a variety of vest, uniform and helmet types as can be seen below. It also comes with a uniform specifically for the Parachute Regiment the regiment we base ourselves on (it also has many many other regiments).


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