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  • Training is now once a week
  • If you wish to take part in a training session RSVP on the calendar
  • We are now proudly sponsored by TS3
  • Operation Neptune Spear September 6th
  • Anyone can Join. Simple as that! All you need is Arma 3 and the below mods. Any questions, join our discord


    Joining our servers is now simpler than ever!


    1st Method - Steam Workshop

    Step 1 - Download this file:

    UPDATED 1st September 2019 -  ArmaMIlsims20190901.html

    Step 2 - Open your Arma 3 Launcher

    Step 3 - Drag and drop the downloaded file to your 'MODS' tab

    Step 4 - Wait for your mods to download
    If not sure what to load, load the @ArmaMilsimsModLoaderV2 FIRST, it will call in all the other mods as dependencies

    Step 5 - Download TFAR for Teamspeak

    Step 6 - UNZIP this file, then run the ts3 plugin file in @TFAR\teamspeak


    2nd Method - Swifty

    Step 1 - Download Swifty

    Step 2 - Open Swifty, use the settings cog to set your concurrent downloads to 10

    Step 3 - Click Add Repository

    Step 4 - Paste download.armamilsims.com and click Import

    Step 5 - Head to where you downloaded the mods and run the ts3 plugin file in @task force arrowhead radio (beta!!!)\teamspeak


    3rd Method - Arma3Sync




    Step 1 - Downloading the Arma3Sync application

    Head to http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 and download the application at the bottom of the page, please note this app requires JRE7 minimum.


    Step 2 - The Addon Options Tab

    After downloading arma3sync open it and on the top of the screen go to the addon options tab.  Which will look similar to this:

    If this is a new instillation, this page will be blank for you. Click on the BLUE PLUS ICON and add the path to your Arma 3 instillation:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3

    Click on Open, any mods that you already have downloaded may pop up, don't be alarmed!


    Step 3 - Launcher Options Tab

    Click on Select at the bottom of the screen and then click on arma3battleye


    Click the below on Performance Options if you'd like, it's how I prefer my game setup but you don't have to, no issues leaving these unchecked (Details @ https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters).


    Make sure Battleye is enabled in your Launcher options. Also, If you wish to use a specific profile it must be defined in the Profile drop-down.




    Step 4 - Repositories Tab


    If you are new to Arma3Sync, this tab will be empty. Simply click on the BLUE PLUS SIGN and paste the below in the Public auto-config url field. 


    In the event that the above is unreachable, the below backup feed will be brought online:

    Click IMPORT. You should then be greeted with the below*, click OK.



    The next step is to download the mods, FUN! Click on the folder icon with the blue arrow.


    This will open up the below, I suggest clicking Select All if you need to download everything! If you already have some mods downloaded prior accessing the repo, i.e. via the steam workshop, click on Auto-discover, if you have pointed your destination folder to your Arma 3 directory it should automatically detect mods that you have already installed.

    Current modpack size is 34.2GB


    You can pause or cancel the download by pressing the pause button or the red cross.  


    Step 5 - Installing TFAR/TFR on Teamspeak 3

    To take part in our missions you will need this crucial Teamspeak plugin, the instillation is fairly simple and requires you have Teamspeak 3 already installed on your PC.

    Head to the download location you set at the beginning of this tutorial and find the @task_force_radio folder. Click into it and then proceed to the teamspeak folder.

    <Install Location>\@task_force_radio\teamspeak

    Run the task_force_radio.ts3_plugin, it may require you stop your Teamspeak 3 instance if it is running.

    Once complete open up Teamspeak 3, click on TOOLS > OPTIONS > ADDONS, on the addons screen scroll down to where it says Task Force Radio and make sure it is enabled!


    Step 6 - Addons Tab

    Congratulations for making it this far!

    If you have done everything correctly you should be able to see some new mods on the left, you can select all the ones you need by clicking on the blue plus Modsets button on the right and making sure that only the Arma Milsims group is selected.


    Make sure the group is now visible on the right and that you have selected/activated all mods under it, then press Start Game at the bottom of Arma3Sync and your game will launch with the addons you've selected.

    Remember! If you're joining a mission  make sure that you are in the Teamspeak 3 Server so that the TFAR Plugin can automatically assign you to the correct channel for in-game communications.

    Feel free to also join our Arma 3 Unit - https://units.arma3.com/unit/armamilsims

    Server IP:




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