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    We aim to keep our play style both relaxed and enjoyable, as a result there is the need for a chain of command in order for things to run smoothly, in keeping with our relaxed play style we do not see the need to call anyone with a higher rank than yours sir or see any need for there to be a mandatory salute upon seeing someone of greater rank, our rank structure is simply a tool to run the unit in an efficient yet enjoyable way by giving people in need someone to reach out to and also giving new members something to look up to.



    Private is the first rank you will hold within Arma Milsims, it is the rank at which you go through basic training. You should expect to hold this rank for a relatively short period of time as once you have proven your self you will move up within the ranking system and this will continue to happen throughout your stay with us.


    lcpl.png.16b1e3159e98e5055ffad0e96af0017b.png LANCE CORPORAL

    Lance Corporals are the next rank in our ranking system, upon achieving this rank you will be expected to be able to lead small teams of men (around 4) this is known as a section, with this rank you may also be eligible for specialized training in the future (more info to come) . 



    cpl.png.dabdfbc6c55040421aeb7183090d641e.png CORPORAL

    Corporals are in a similar role to Lance Corporals, however they may be given command of more men and or equipment such as armored vehicles and weaponry.



    sgt.png.31a1e812b0eb7175a45e9d1466f04c74.png SERGEANT

    Sergeants are the first of our senior roles, as such carry a significant amount of responsibility, as a sergeant your most likely to find yourself second in command of a troop or platoon (often around 35 soldiers) this is not your only responsibility however, as a sergeant you are expected to be able to advise junior officers on the battlefield.


    wo2.png.885b88e2c73429dbeb9ad299572c8915.png WARRANT OFFICER CLASS 2

    As a Warrant Officer Class 2 you will find yourself being responsible for the training and welfare of your company of soldiers .




    wo1.png.e7f701338f407222a34bd103b4acf2ea.png WARRANT OFFICER CLASS 1

    Warrant Officer Class 1 is the most senior of our non-commissioned ranks, as such this rank is only able to be achieved with a sustained period of service to the unit as well as an outstanding conduct record across all boards, whilst holding this rank you will be responsible for over seeing the aforementioned ranks. 



    2lt.png.2a85a41425bbf35a0a210c85f3216a4b.png SECOND LIEUTENANT

    A Second Lieutenant is the first of our commissioned ranks and, similar to the private rank, is only held for a short period of time, during this time you will be commanding up to 30 men as well as being a port of call for anyone in need of assistance. 



    lt.png.4745df32251f970194c90a92e8e27fe0.png LIEUTENANT

    A Lieutenant is typically the same as Second Lieutenant however this rank is the first of our managerial ranks, whilst holding this rank you may be called on to do basic administrative duties. 



    capt.png.c382d0ac0ac5616073ffa6bb1f8776bc.png CAPTAIN

    A Captain is another managerial rank with greater responsibilities than Lieutenant. As a captain you may find yourself being responsible for the recruitment aspect of our unit as well as this administrative role you will be responsible for tactical decisions on the ground during operations, these may include the maneuvering of logistical support Etc.


    maj.png.2f3bc3f4e0e13dd0ad5777124526db67.png MAJOR

    A Major is in command of the unit and is responsible for many key decisions both within the unit and on operations, as a Major you are responsible for the overall well being and well fare of all aspects of the unit. This is the highest achievable rank.






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