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  1. Hey @DaxorI'll start it back up tomorrow evening
  2. Server is down for now due to no demand - I can start it back up on the current world if it's requested.
  3. Please implement this and the RAF ranks on our Rank Structure page @Santo
  4. @Santo I plan to utilise assets from this pack on August 2nd,ill talk to you tomorrow about it
  5. US Marine Corps mission to recover hostage from enemy combatants. Intel says the hostage is a US Trade Ambassador who showed interest in a recently discovered OIL Site in Northern Cambodia. His approach was taken badly by the locals and he has been titled a criminal, we have caught word he will be tried and executed soon - we must move quickly to save him from an unfair death.
  6. LukeN


    Added to the modpack
  7. Catriix hosts what plans to be a fantastic mission. Recover top secret intelligence from a crashed drone on the beautiful landscape that is Kujari.
  8. LukeN


    As briefly mentioned in the below forum post, RHS GREF would make sense to add regardless. Content The mod contains a a large array of content representing what has collectively being called the "Green Forces". When you download the pack this is what you can expect to find inside: Units Several scratch built, accurate uniforms in various camo patterns. New equipment models. Vehicles Many custom retextures of existing USAF and AFRF verhicles for the various factions. New custom vehicles. Weapons Tons of new weapon models for the new factions.
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1770960628 Downside to this would be that it needs RHSGREF and the Cold War DLC, however for the size of the pack and the content it offers it is phenomenal, makes the DLC worth getting and opens up missions to tonnes of new scenarios. DESCRIPTION Cold Conflict This mod seeks to reimagine elements of the classic Cold War Crisis in ARMA 3. This mod utilises existing content already within the Global Mobilisation mod and high quality content already within Red Hammer Studios mods. This mod seeks to eventually provide both full Soviet and US factions, compatible with both the Global Mobilisation DLC and the popular RHS series of mods, which are as in keeping with the theme of the original Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis as possible. This will expand mission creation potential using the Global Mobilisation DLC, and offer different factions other than East and West Germany to use in your Cold War scenarios. Requires the Global Mobilisation DLC, RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, and RHSUSF mods. Credits Bohemia Interactive The Red Hammer Studios Team v.1.1.1 Content Soviet Army - Motor-Rifle Troops - Scouts - T-55A, T-72B, T-72BV - BMP-1/2, BTR-60/70/80, BRDM-2 - 2S3, BM-21, D-30, 2B14, Static Weapons - UAZs, Urals, PTS Soviet Army Aviation - Mi-24, Mi-8 Soviet Airforce - MIG-29S - SU-25
  10. Hello - The Arma Milsims website will be down for maintenance from the 22nd June - 23rd June Other services such as the Game Server, Repos and Teamspeak will remain online. Thank you!
  11. LukeN

    EOD System

    Accepted, this will be added following the event on the 21st
  12. DYNAMO CAMPAIGN - PART 2 6 years have passed since the Nuclear Missile dropped. Combined forces of Czech, French, BAF and Nato are sweeping the island trying to prevent further civilian casualties from the fallout. Following the invasion of Russian territory, her forces have taken to committing heinous crimes against humanity, including deliberately placing various mines and other ordnance devices in towns with a high civilian populus. Your task is to move in with talented EOD units and de-arm these threats, while also relying on CAS, Sniper fire and infantry support to aid and protect these efforts. It's in our best interests to do everything we can to spare the population of these grizzly fates, and win their favour. This is our next step in regaining control of the peninsula.
  13. Event hosted by Epsilon community that we will be attending Modpack: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/470227950026096651/586615908512825465/Arma3PresetECv93.html Drag and drop the above onto your mods tab in the arma 3 launcher
  14. Are you attending tonight laddy? You haven't SL'd in a while

    1. Alfred


      I should be there ye

    2. LukeN


      Sean, Jack and Ryan are all taking specialist roles, if you could SL it'd be appreciated. You'll have a LR Radio and all players will have hand-helds. 

    3. Alfred


      sure, I'll be SL

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