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  1. Adds some more realism i wouldn't mind adding this @LukeN Thoughts?
  2. Due to the increasing volumes of missions being created and the varying skill levels of those involved we will be utilizing a new system in order to streamline this process. Tier 1 Mission: A tier one mission will be able to be made by anyone willing to take the time to do so, tier 1 missions may only be held mid week and will be a standalone operation with no ongoing story. This mission type will be suited to those of lower skill in terms of mission creation. Tier 2 Mission: As with a tier 1 mission this mission type can be made by anyone willing to take the time do so, however tier 2 missions must be made to a higher standard than tier 1 and contain some form of story line that runs into another operation. Tier 2 missions may be held on Saturdays/Sundays and be at least 2 operations long in order to allow for a story line. This mission type will be suited to those of an intermediate skill level in terms of mission creation. Tier 3 Mission: A tier 3 mission will differ greatly from the aforementioned, it can be one of two types, an extended campaign with significant detail or a large scale joint operation. Tier 3 missions will be held once a week on Fridays (a prime time for player counts) . Tier 3 missions are to be made only by those who have applied to be a tier 3 mission maker this is due to the complexity involved and the possible large numbers of people involved the execution of the mission. A tier 3 mission maker should complete an application (linked below), anyone who wishes to pursue this role should have significant experience and aptitude in mission making. Application Form: https://www.armamilsims.com/application/form/3-tier-3-mission-maker/ Failure to abide by the above will result in you being blacklisted from creating missions to be hosted on the ArmaMilsims infrastructure.
  3. Accepted - However will not be added to the main mod pack instead will be added as a standalone mod as and when its needed as it requires a DLC to use
  4. Santo

    EOD System

    So right now the ace EOD system is a little boring it a case of interacting with the explosive and your done. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26917 This mod adds the need for skill in defusing a bomb something which isn't as simple as is depicted in ace. Approx. Size: 4mb
  5. Santo

    Low-Vis CAS

  6. Santo

    Project OpFor

    Right now we have very few factions to play as or against, project OpFor would change that. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735566597&searchtext=project+RACS
  7. I think you've slightly misunderstood what this is. watch the video and you'll get a gist of what i feel is the main feature
  8. Commanders tab, allows certain chosen individuals to have access to a small tablet that gives them various amounts of information: Blue Force Tracking (Players marked on map), Placing of markers (Medical, general, enemy Etc.), helmet cam with live feed to tablets, Tactical Display for air vehicles & much more. Mod Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871504836&searchtext=Ctab
  9. @LukeN This is your area of expertise
  10. Santo

    Tour of Duty

    You have just arrived in a war torn country for your first tour of duty, you've been told the troubles are starting to die down and the over all threat level is the lowest its been in 3 years. This should be an easy and safe introduction to your first tour....what could possibly go wrong.
  11. Santo

    No Man Left Behind

    An advanced recon team was ambushed in the early hours of the morning, the 5 man team came under heavy fire but managed to fight their way out, during their retreat the team became separated and team leader Jackson Bates is currently un-accounted for.
  12. Test

  13. 13 Hours movie replicated with zeus
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