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  1. Alfred

    EOD System

    I like the idea of a more advanced EOD system but is there any kind of video that shows this mod of in-game, I couldn't find any
  2. Welcome to ArmaMilsims Cameron!

  3. Are you attending tonight laddy? You haven't SL'd in a while

    1. Alfred


      I should be there ye

    2. LukeN


      Sean, Jack and Ryan are all taking specialist roles, if you could SL it'd be appreciated. You'll have a LR Radio and all players will have hand-helds. 

    3. Alfred


      sure, I'll be SL

  4. A group going by the name Tanoan Liberation Army have recently declared Tanoa an independent state and have gained control over the most southeastern of the Tanoan islands. They are now using it as their base of operations for their offensive onto the main-island of Tanoa. As the battle for the main island is ongoing between the British forces and the Tanoan Liberation Army they are transporting a lot of troops, weapons and supplies from this southeastern island to help them in the war. Your mission is to sabotage important infrastructure used by the Tanoan Liberation Army such as airstrips, harbours, etc on this southeastern island to hinder their war effort so the British forces can hold the main island until reinforcements arrive.
  5. My first shot at cinematography/movie style content in arma, looks alright
  6. Alfred

    Project OpFor

    UN forces included, I'm in 👍
  7. An allied F-22 recently had to perform an emergency landing on Malden during an exercise mission close the island. We have since lost contact with the aircraft and pilot but intel tells us they got captured by the Russian forces controlling the island. The aircrafts complex systems are highly classified and the Russians cannot be allowed to analyze or examine this aircraft or its systems any more than what they already have. Your mission is therefore: Destroy or recover the captured F-22 and extract or silence the pilot as he possesses classified information regarding the aircraft.
  8. Sound good, id be up for getting this
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