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    Arma Milsims - Community Rules

    Created 14/05/2019 by @LukeN - Updated 14/05/2019 by @LukeN



    General Rules / Conduct

    1). The use of racist/sexist/homophobic/other remarks that one may deem offensive is forbidden.

    2). English is our primary and only spoken language, please keep to it in voice comms / chats.

    3). The use of exploits and cheats in any of our game servers is strictly forbidden.

    4). This is an adult community, while most remarks / tendencies are allowed please use your common sense and avoid doing it in front of younger members.

    5). If you notice anyone breaking rules, please let a member of staff know (only if they're not involved).

    6). Advertisement of any kind is not allowed


    Arma Game Server / Event Rules

    1). We aim to keep Arma Milsims Events open to the registered members, however with this comes a level of trust. Players who deliberately join to cause problems / troll other members will be blacklisted from future events.

    2). Please try to turn up on time for events you list yourself as attending, and give some notice to the mission organiser if you're unable to make events you have previously committed yourself to.

    3). If you're making a mission to host on Arma Milsims, please make sure you have put effort into its creation.

    4). Please make sure you have updated your repository via Arma3Sync before joining to avoid delaying the start of events, we aim to have the repository updated for the mission at least 48 hours prior.

    5). If you're late for a mission, organisers may choose whether or not they wish to wait for you. If they start without you then they are not to blame.

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